Dragons in STAM – Ghent City Museum

Posted on dec 2, 2016
Dragons in STAM – Ghent City Museum

Until May 28, 2017 you can visit the exhibition about dragons, for which Skeep developed the soundscape, in STAM – Ghent City Museum.
Exhibition design by Pronk

Sounddesign for the old Feyenoord tunnel at De Kuip

Posted on sep 12, 2016
Sounddesign for the old Feyenoord tunnel at De Kuip

Football stadium ‘De Kuip’ gets a new museum, designed by Pronk, about football team Feyenoord.
One element in this museum is the old players tunnel. Skeep develops sounddesign for the tunnel which will create the illusion as if you stand between the players, just before a competition.
More information soon!

Dragons in a museum

Posted on apr 29, 2016
Dragons in a museum

Last saturday the exhibition about dragons at the Limburgs Museum opened their doors for the public. Pronk did a wonderful job on the exhibition design. The soundscape we’ve made really brings the dragon to life.

You can experience this exhibition until october at the Limburgs Museum, then the dragon travels to STAM in Ghent, Belgium.

Room to Learn

Posted on jan 15, 2016

Skeep collaborated with Silo on the animation about the learning environment of the future: Room to Learn, by Macanoo and Gispen. They have recently launched www.roomtolearn.nl, a platform for inspiration and knowledge exchange on further development and application of the innovative learning spaces.

Discovery 1

Posted on jan 10, 2016

My latest abstract ambient work is selected by Soft Recordings for their compilation album ‘Discovery 1′. Happy to be part of this wonderful selection.

you can download to album for free: https://softrecords.bandcamp.com/album/discovery-1

or just listen to my contribution:

Soundscape for 8 speakers

Posted on okt 9, 2015

Last year Skeep wrote a soundscape for the exhibition ‘De Zaanstreek Maakt Het!’.
Originally composed for 8.1 speakers, you can still hear this at the Zaans Museum, here is the stereo version:

Commercial NVM

Posted on okt 2, 2015

Skeep collaborated with MassiveMusic on the commercial for NVM. Good to see they still use it for their #openhuizendag campaigns on dutch tv and radio.
This video was from last year:

The process and philosophy behind the creation of ‘De Zaanstreek maakt het!’

Posted on apr 2, 2015

Pronk studio made a movie about the process and philosophy behind the creation of ‘De Zaanstreek maakt het!': An exhibition at the Zaans Museum where Skeep did the sounddesign for. In this movie by Elf Graden you can hear a bit what we’ve done. Check the whole experience at the museum when you’re near. 

Press, twist, pull, feel, listen and build!

Posted on jan 23, 2015
Press, twist, pull, feel, listen and build!

BoekDoeLab had a successful opening last wednesday in the library ‘Bibliocenter’ in Weert.  A lively exhibition inspired by scenes from popular children’s books. Children can experiment with scientific principles, such as light, sound and forces. In BoekDoeLab these principles are linked to the stories mentioned in the children’s books. Skeep designed  the sounds for this exhibition.

From january 2015 to december 2016 the exhibition BoekDoeLab travels along the libraries in Limburg. 

BoekDoeLab is developed by Cubiss and Discovery Center Continium and designed by Pronk.

Ellioth EP

Posted on okt 2, 2014

Another passion is telling stories through electronic, soul and dance sounds.
I released this EP last monday on Lowriders Recordings.

A coincidence, a satisfied feeling or being in the now leads to very special moments. Moments I have been looking for to build the story. Stories that are told through harmonies, rhythms, noises and field recordings. Every track has his own theme. Together, they are one; Ellioth EP