De Zaanstreek Maakt Het!

During the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century, the Zaan district was dotted with windmills with a variety of functions and it is often considered to be one of the world’s first industrialised areas. The new exhibition ‘De Zaanstreek Maakt Het!’ at the Zaans Museum, localised near the famous dutch attraction Zaanse Schans, shows all the hard work of the past centuries.It is not a conventional exhibition at a museum; every half hour the exhibition comes to life with video, light and sound and turns into a real spectacle. Skeep did the overall sound design and composed a soundscape for an 8.1 surround multichannel system.  You’ll be surprised with the surround sound and the music that will keep your attention until the last second.

If you got the opportunity to take a visit, do it! You will be rewarded with a very pleasant experience. For this project i worked with the cool people of Pronk, Rnul Interactive and Rapenburg Plaza. Mike Pearse wrote the script.

Stereo version of the soundscape. Originally composed for 8.1 surround multichannel system

Client: Pronk
Services: Sound and music design